Seesaw: Superstar EdTech tool

95% of teachers report that Seesaw helps teach their students 21st Century skills and use technology more effectively. Creating an account is simple and the teacher can create a whole new student roster or integrate the Seesaw platform with Google Classroom to sync student lists. By using the «+ Student» button, you can easily add students to the program and indicate if they will use an email to sign in or share devices. Interactive resources you can assign in your digital classroom from TPT. The premium version, available to teachers for $120/year or in a Seesaw for Schools package, is part of Seesaw 4.0.

I always want divergent musical thinking to be a part of my curriculum, so I love that seesaw lets students submit improvised musical products. Then, they rearrange the order of the cards to create a new rhythmic version of the song. This has motivated my students to research for information and revise their writing before presenting on the screen.

You can also send out invitation notifications via email. For the students who can show up with this technology, let’s serve them and use data to track their progress so we know what they need next. This is the skills view in seesaw and lets you see at a glance how students are progressing in each skill area. Here are the skills I’ve added for the collection of Seesaw activities in this post.

Seesaw Activities Templates – Digital Formative Assessment, Exit Slips

Have students work on them with a partner or in a collaborative group. I would love to buy some of your things but I do not have assess to an smart board.

  • This will help students who struggle to follow instructions have a clear visual aid of what is expected.
  • Assessment provides measurements of student progress so we have a better picture of the next steps we need to take.
  • Explore thousands of teacher-tested classroom activities to engage your students and save you time.
  • There are so many other features that teachers and students use in the classroom.
  • This could be done clapping, on other body percussion options, or vocally with rhythmic syllables.
  • It also has superior assessment capabilities, more creative tools, a translation tool, a district activity library, and more.

This can be done in class or at home for online learning. Teachers can also assign work to students via the app and send along tailor-made instructions for each student. Explore thousands of teacher-tested classroom activities to engage your students and save you time. I hope that you will try Seesaw this year in your classroom. There are so many other features that teachers and students use in the classroom. You can find out so much more by visiting their website or following @Seesaw on Twitter.

I heard about SeeSaw a couple years ago and had it installed on my ipads, but it wasn’t until this past spring that I was finally able to check it out. SeeSaw is known for being a great advocacy tool, in that parents can see what’s going on in the music room! Whether you post a snapshot of a student’s completed worksheet, a video of him/her singing, certik seesaw or a video of the entire class performing, it can be a fabulous way to communicate with parents. Seesaw saves you time on organization and parent communication, makes formative assessment easy, and provides a safe place to teach 21st Century skills. Make the app part of a daily or weekly routine to get students to use it in the most effective way.

First Grade Math Seesaw Assessment ALL SKILLS

Not to mention, it’s good to have something tangible and some legit data to share with parents and while doing report cards. Both students and teachers can use Seesaw as a formative assessment tool or to reflect on their own work. When my EL students use the program, they can reflect or self-assess their posts. I always tell my students that they can delete or start over if they do not feel that their posts are examples of their best work. It is hard to capture all the learning that is happening in a classroom, but with Seesaw, I am able to go back and listen to student posts, reflect, or use as a formative assessment. Student work is collected and collated over a period of time, providing visible evidence of learning.

Is Seesaw an assessment tool

Once they are satisfied with their composition, they then clicked “record,” and read their composition. You could also have them play on a non-pitched percussion instrument! After you do this, each class will have their own unique QR code. Seesaw makes engaging, personalized learningpart of every student’s experience in school.

What are the benefits of Seesaw?

Seesaw for schools is well worth trying out, even if it is just used for digital portfolios. With this assessment option, teachers will also have access to privacy tools. Teachers can use private folders to store student work as well as make private notes that won’t be visible to students or parents. By allowing students to work through assessments in Seesaw, it saves me the time of having to pull students one on one, and sucking up a ton of teaching time. I can assign an Activity in Seesaw, or have students move through a center in which one of the centers is an assessment challenge. By using Seesaw, it captures that specific moment in time.

Is Seesaw an assessment tool

DoInk, which is an app where students use a green screen to record themselves presenting on a topic. After recording themselves with chosen backgrounds, students can create videos to share on Seesaw. We have a green screen on the wall and students have had fun posting presentation about animals, history, and reports in science. Teachers can also easily schedule activities and use the school or district activity library to get the most exciting and creative activities for students. Teachers also love the «teacher-only» folders where they can keep notes as well as the analytics the platform creates. It gives teachers remote access to the folders, allowing them to leave comments on student work from anywhere.

The program is very user-friendly and is continuously changing based on feedback from teachers and students. There are multiple ways that students can capture their learning. They can record, take pictures, draw, label or add Google Docs. I suggest having a special place in the classroom where students can record and listen to their responses before submitting. I have been lucky to have a little room that we call the recording studio where students know that they can go and record in private. I have seen students that are usually very shy in the classroom, shine when they use Seesaw.

Checking if the site connection is secure

How many times have you recorded your students or taken a picture their amazing work but cannot find it later on your phone when you have to share with parent or other teachers? Well, Seesaw is your answer to sharing your student’s work. Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that is easy to use and captures learning throughout the year. There are so many reasons that I feel that Seesaw has helped my students improve their communication skills but these are the top. Teachers can keep track of student learning with the online portfolios and add specialist teachers or various subject area teachers to a class for additional help. Students use a smart device to make videos or take photos of their work.

Another way to effectively communicate instructions is to use the audio function. This way, you can create something more personal and give students another way to follow instructions clearly. When I reference assessment, I am not necessarily talking about grades. Because it utilizes screen recordings, audio, and video, seesaw is a great way to work through literacy skills! In this post, we looked at a framework for how to create virtual lessons that are still active and engaging. Example of 3rd grade student explaining how he solved a math problem.

Is Seesaw an assessment tool

Each student was assigned a group, and knew which assessment Challenge to complete to show their understanding of the concept. The great thing about this is after I reviewed the work, if I noticed a student who did really well on their challenge, I may have him/her try the next problem. Same concept, just differentiated with different problems. This platform for student engagement has revolutionized the way teachers approach assessing students. Millions of students have already been impacted by his streamlined experience, especially as remote learning becomes more prevalent.

#74. Seesaw: Capture the Learning

Have the parent volunteer call students over one at a time to complete the assessment challenge. Having the parent there can be helpful because the volunteer can keep students on task, read directions, and help students troubleshoot and answer questions. But it’s something we have to do, and many districts mandate specific assessments at certain times of the year.

Browse through the features in our Live Class Video!

It also has superior assessment capabilities, more creative tools, a translation tool, a district activity library, and more. Every student has a portfolio where their work appears making it easy to find work samples to share in meetings. I have used Seesaw to show growth in the student’s language development. We enjoy listening to the recording at the beginning of the year compared to the end and reflect on the areas that they have shown improvement. We have SST meetings at our school where we discuss a student’s progress and ways that we can help.

I’ve also categorized them by their National Core Arts Standard. The purpose of assessment is simply to get evidence about what students need from us. Students can use the move tool to drag the notes to their correct place on the staff. The following are two examples of how students recordings in math.

Access to this kind of technology is limited for some of our students. All of our students have a right to equal opportunity education, and data can be one piece of our strategy to serve students moving forward. When it’s time to evaluate, it takes about five seconds to listen to the student’s recording. Then you can assign on a scale of in standards-based grading. The seesaw app serves music education well because it lets you enter your own skills that you want to track. This is important because we know our skills and standards look very different from our colleagues in general education.

Sneak Peek into the Seesaw Platform.

Ed in Curriculum and Instruction and a B.A in Linguistics from the University of Arizona. I have been fortunate to have worked as a bilingual teacher in Arizona, Spanish Immersion teacher in Florida, multi-age classroom teacher and now as an ESOL teacher in Georgia. Teaching students to become proficient in other languages has always been my passion. Now I have added sharing my passion with teachers as I am currently teaching the ESOL Methods course in my county.

The data tracks parent engagement and promotes their involvement. It also offers more meaningful student engagement opportunities through student feedback, drafts, and journals. Try to organize all activities into easy-to-understand folders from the start. Also try to use uniform thumbnails for the assignments with similar fonts, colors, or names to create a streamlined look. Seesaw for schools is an app used on smartphones or tablets that allows students to capture images, videos, and more and save them on an online portfolio.

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